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Lu caminu di lu paradisu

The Paradise path

The Paradise path

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The Paradise path” excursion takes place starting from Isola Rossa, through La Marinedda, Cala Rossa and Tinnari to end in Costa Paradiso. Along the coast you can explore beaches with breathtaking colors, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean maquis.
La Marinedda is easily accessible by descending a short promontory, from here you can admire the wide beach surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation.
Along “The Paradise path” is easy to see gnarled junipers, the pinkish flowers of sea roses and the white sea lilies.
Then you come to the Cala Rossa beach which will amaze you with its almost fairy-tale appearance: numerous boulders emerge from the crystalline waters forming real natural pools.
Finally, you will be fascinated by the suggestive Cala Tinnari which is located outside the traditional tourist routes: it is a beach made up of pebbles of various sizes and presents a gradation of grays, which contrast with the bright green of the vegetation and the red of the cliff that surrounds it .
Once in Costa Paradiso you will be able to admire an extraordinary landscape, made of pink granite and thick Mediterranean scrub, with thousands of micro-inlets, fjords and natural pools where the colors of the sea go from green to intense blue.
A refreshment point is provided in the middle of the route.

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  • When
    ogni Martedì dalle 09:30 a.m
  • Timing
    6 ore - 20 km


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